Google AdWords


When using a Google AdWord campaign, you can create and run ads for your business quickly and easily. They can be displayed on Google, and also on our advertising network. The good news is that costs and fees are only calculated on the number of clicks you receive on your ad!

AdWords are displayed alongside the search results when certain “key words” have been entered into the search bar on Google. Ads are displayed as links on the side columns of a search page, or can be displayed above the free search results. This means that you can advertise to any audience who are likely to be interested in your business. You can also promote your ads through Display Network sites within the ever-expanding Google Network. You can specify the exact Display Network location of where your ad will be shown, or alternatively you can allow a contextual targeting tool which will automatically match your keywords to a specific content.

As a company we place strong emphasis on long-term cooperation. In our opinion it is not the amount of services we deliver that is important but strong customer satisfaction, producing high quality ads and to establish good working relationships between Interclick and our customers.

 For us, each customer is an expert within their own particular industry. We respect that every single product is different and you can always guarantee that when a customer entrusts a task to us, it will be a completely unique and individual experience.