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Fresh, continuously updated mailing database.

Over 700,000 email addresses of companies , more than 1,400,000 records in total containing information on each company.

Database reported to the Inspector General (Inspector General for Personal Data Protection) under ref: 31320313

Database Offer

Database Offer

  We offer three convenient ways to use our databases.

  1. One-time mailing service - one-time delivery to the database, a basic report after 7 days of delivery.
  2. Remarketing - Ponowienie wysyłki podstawowej, ale jedynie do odbiorców zainteresowanych ofertą - czyli tylko do tych, którzy wykonali jakaś akcje w mailingu podstawowym (kliknęli kreacją bądź otworzyli maila)
  3. One-time mailing service with details of recipient activity (remarketing).i.e shipment of the database, a detailed report within 7 days of recipient activity such as, has the recipient opened the email? Did they click on the ad? Did they follow instructions on the email? - The database feedback will automatically become the property of the client. This type of feedback can be successfully used for example, to consult with potential customers who are interested in the service, or for repeat mailings on various new offers. For more information on re-marketing please see our blog.
  4. Purchase of the database - the database is sent to the client in the specified format and is password protected.

Our strict selection process insures that each customer receives the best possible data, specifically matching to their individual campaigns. We guarantee that the recipients of our records are not inundated with unnecessary messages. This is evident through the feedback of our customers after each campaign. Using the experience of many of our previous campaigns, statistics and knowledge we will help you create your ideal advertisement to the appropriate recipients.

Our main principles are to assist in optimizing your ideal campaign experience.

Grab the attention of potential customers with surgical precision using one of our 20+ mailing methods to obtain the desired information quickly and efficiently. Working closely with experts in the field of marketing we strive to achieve the best results possible. Our greatest example of this is the sheer volume of successful campaigns we have been involved in.

The average results of the campaign:

  • Powered emails 98.75%
  • Opened e-mails 12.26%
  • E-mail with the transition to the website 3.36%

Would you like us to carry out our mailing shipping to your customers, or to potential customers? Use our configuration or consult us if you require a more accurate quote. Email and let us know the appropriate audience for you specified mailing on We will promptly send you a detailed report.  

Download the complete list of industries in the Excel file.

List of additional fields

List of additional fields to an email address

    We create a customized database for our customers, a completely tailor-made product. By varying the parameters of our database you receive the exact service required. Our Database is divided into 1300 specific industries. In addition, we offer to target any other unidentified categories.

Nazwa PKD
Województwo Nip
Powiat Regon
Gmina Exporter
Miejscowość Importer
Kod pocztowy Centrale
Dzielnica Cars
Street Vans
Trade Owner
Email Type
WWW Area code
Business type Telephone
Sales GPS - coordinates_x
Employment GPS - coordinates_y
Contacts Stationary
Year of founded Gsm
Form of ownership Fax
Forma prawna

Download the complete list of industries in the Excel file.

How to plan a good Mailing?

How to plan a good Mailing?

    E-mail marketing allows for effective and quick access to the information and records of a specific target market. As one of the few forms of advertising, mailing provides us the opportunity to reach a large number of customers in a very short time. An additional advantage is the automatic calculation of effects. With integrated tools can obtain reports, for example - who, when and how often a person visits your web site. The final report is prepared in conjunction with the database, giving you the full catalogue of companies who are interested in your service or product. Information on ordering will be made available one week after the beginning of the campaign. We believe that to create a good mailing you need three things:

  • 1. Select the appropriate target market
  • 2. Create a well prepared and well thought out e-mailing
  • 3. Create a catchy theme that will stand out

Target Marketing - This is the very first step of the e-mailing process, the question is, who is my potential customer? This may not seem very obvious at first but the most effective way of finding potential customers is through the researching of brands and particular industries. Also an easy way of discovering your target market is through the research of geographical areas, such as, province, city, county and postcode. Often the buyer of the database will have the answer to this question, alternatively we here at Interclick can provide this service.

MailingCreation - Creating the image of your e-mailing should be precise and to the point, focusing more on the visual element rather than excessive use of text. Remember that each of us as individuals, as well as the potential customer will decide within seconds whether to continue viewing or to close the advertisement. It is better to use a bright background with contrasting text (maximum of 3 words)- giving the potential customer the exact information in seconds, clearly stating what the sender has to offer.

Selecting a Catchy theme - Sometimes a theme can be the most neglected part of a mailing campaign, this in actual fact should be treated as high priority and will decide on whether or not a potential customer will click on the Ad. The theme should be short but sweet and is useful to use "Special Fields" - ie importing name, email address, owner's name, company name, or the same e-mail, for example:

  • Welcome Offers especially for you ...
  • Offer for Company ABC.
  • Message to Stephen Cook ...

Special fields are generated within the dispatch mailing lists, individually, for each recipient. 



  We know the quality of our database, and we know that they will meet the requirements of each customer. Therefore, the warranty states that the records will comply with the specification. Due to the product, which is the ready electronic file of records in the database, the complaint shall be subject to individual records. For example if a customer complains to us about the number of records which is, in his opinion inconsistent with the specification we will investigate the query and refund the appropriate amount to the amount of records.



The price of the database depends on several factors. The first important factor is the amount of records purchased. If more than 10,000 records are purchased, prices are negotiated individually with each customer. The price of each record consists of a filtration process, in other words "targeting". The greater criteria for the base, the higher the price per record. Therefore, take a look at the list of industries and companies which are already stored within the database, the more suitable target audience you choose the, the more successful the shipping mailing list will be.

To measure the mailing, please use our configurator

Download the complete list of industries in the Excel file:

Minimum order is 750 PLN net (Approximately £150.00)



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